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Pencil Craft is the Maker of Custom Printed Big Pencils, Jumbo Pencils, Oversized Pencils, Long Pencils, and Giant Pencils


Available Sizes: 16", 23", 36", & 44" Tall


     Pencil Craft Company of Ithaca, Michigan, is proud to offer unique "real" big pencils.  Our oversized pencils are custom-made and personalized to your specifications.

To make our giant pencils, we start with real lumber-cut it, finish it, and paint with 3 coats of high quality paint.  Each jumbo pencil has a real lead and a real eraser. It is then custom printed with your message or company logo.

Big pencils are sure to please your family, friends, and business associates. "Big Pencils" come in many available sizes. Quantity discounts and dealer programs available.